TMS launches 100TB Flash Memory system

Texas Memory Systems, the company known mostly for their RamSan product line that started out as fully RAM-based storage systems, has been expanding their product line with some serious flash-based storage units. Their latest system is a unique 40U rack design that holds 100TB of SSD storage!

The system uses only 6 to 7 kilowatts of power; which is an extremely low amount for such a configuration. The performance numbers are even more impressive: random I/O operations can be handled at a speed of 5 million operations per second. It first started out as a custom-built storage unit:

Initially designed to meet the specific requirements of a customer with extreme performance needs, the RamSan-6200 now sets a new standard in performance, value, and efficiency for enterprise applications that demand performance and reliability, such as data acquisition, data warehousing, modeling, simulations, rendering, and video editing.

It comes with 40 4-Gigabit Fibre Channel ports by default, and can be expanded up to 160 ports. In fact, it’s little more than a rack filled with 20 of their RamSan 620 storage units announced earlier; so you can basically think of it as a SAN consisting of 20 storage units, with the TeraWatch software added to provide a unified management console.


The RamSan 620′s each have redundancy built-in: each set of flash chips is organised as a RAID unit, preventing any single chip failure from corrupting data. At the system level, each RamSan-620 allows you to designate one of the cards inside the system as an active-spare. If one of the cards experiences a failure that degrades its RAID protection, its data is transferred to the hot-spare. The failed card is then rendered inactive and can be replaced.


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