Fix for Intel SSD corruption issue

When Intel ships a new generation of SSDs that have a data corruption issue, it makes headlines around the world; but somehow I never saw reports about the firmware update they released shortly after that which fixes this.

Intel X25-M

Intel X25-M

So if you happen to have obtained a X25M drive before the general release, be sure to install the latest firmware found here; it’s supposed to fix the data corruption issues. Thanks to Tom’s Hardware for noticing the update! According to Intel, the update is valid for both generations or the X25-M/X18-M SATA SSD: 50nm production process (black case, G1) and 34nm (silver case, G2).

“Initially we were told this might require a complete reworking of the drives, and that those we had gotten in were effectively unusable, but Intel was able to work out a firmware fix for the problem,” the said OEM system builder Puget Systems’ William George.

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