NetEx shows performance data for HyperIP

NetEx just released a report that provides details about the performance enhancements their HyperIP software provides when migrating VMware machines using vMotion over WAN links (spoiler: up to 10x). The report also provides more technical details about HyperIP. […]

Sun posts Q4 results

Sun has just posted details about their Q4 revenues in a filing to the SEC. As expected, total revenues dropped. But what might be more interesting is that their storage division is doing all right; their Open Storage systems appear to be a big hit with customers.

Sun storage revenue

Sun storage revenue

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EMC and VMware expanding their cooperation

EMC and VMware have expanded their business and technology alliance; EMC is now a fully authorized reseller of VMware vCenter AppSpeed. AppSpeed will be offered as part of EMC’s Ionix portfolio, expanding the management capabilities for their customers physical and virtual infrastructures. […]

Review: personal backups to Amazon S3

A short review of two utilities for making backups to Amazon’s S3 cloud storage, Jungle Disk and CloudBerry Online Backup. It turns out there are some surprising differences between the two products. […]

EMC cofounder Richard Egan dies at the age of 73

One of EMC’s two founders, Richard Egan, died last night at the age of 73. In an e-mailed statement, his family said that Mr. Egan was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in May. Egan founded EMC thirty years ago this week, retiring as Chairman Emeritus in 2001.

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DataCore adds FCoE support

DataCore just added support for several FCoE products to their SANsymphony and SANmelody software; supported Converged Networking Adapters include models from Emulex and Brocade. The Cisco Nexus 5000 switch is also supported, with more products to be supported later this year. Continue reading DataCore adds FCoE support

Pillar Data offering 2TB drive option

Pillar Data Systems joins several other companies in claiming to be the first to offer 2TB drives for their storage systems. Pillar offers the 2TB as an option for their Axiom systems which, combined with their 80% utilization guarantee, might make their systems even more interesting than before. Other companies that have announced their use of 2TB drives include Xyratex, Winchester Systems and several others.  Continue reading Pillar Data offering 2TB drive option

Cool infographic from Mozy: Physical versus Digital Storage

The team at Mozy posted a new infographic that shows how our modern digital storage (on laptops, iPods, et cetera) compares to last century’s media: VHS tapes, 8-track tape and more. You can find it on their blog. And while you’re there, their “how much is a petabyte” infographic is also worth looking at. […]

Iomega offers SMB NAS appliance with VMware certification

EMC daughter Iomega has just released a new NAS appliance that has support for both NAS and SAN technologies; it allows a multitude of connection options including iSCSI, SMB, NFS and AFP.

Iomega StorCenter IX4

Iomega StorCenter IX4-200d

It offers the traditional “SMB/Home office” features such as a printserver, mediaserver, Time Machine backups etc; but in addition to that it also has more advanced features like block-level replication to a second offsite unit, and it is VMware certified for use with both NFS and iSCSI. Continue reading Iomega offers SMB NAS appliance with VMware certification

Pillar Data: Imitation is the sincerest of flattery

Just two weeks after Xiotech announced their “Cash for Disk Clunkers” program offering up to $1000 discounts for every terabyte of “old” storage turned in, Pillar Data Systems figured that this might turn out to be a good idea. By announcing their new program with the headline “Pillar Extends Life of Cash for Clunkers for Storage Industry” they even created some confusion about whether they weren’t extending a program that was announced before Xiotechs. Pillar doesn’t offer information about just how much of a discount you’ll get when trading in your old equipment: Continue reading Pillar Data: Imitation is the sincerest of flattery