How heavy is your data?

PC Pro received a funny question: “does a hard drive become heavier if there’s more data on it?”… […]

Dataram gives more details about their mystery product

The mystery new product Dataram has been talking about appears to be a plug-in transparent caching appliance that can be inserted between a storage system and client systems; but this technology has already been patented by a company called Storspeed. […]

Lots of virtualization-related news

With VMworld starting next week, there’s lots of virtualization-related storage news. Here’s a quick summary of the main items for today: Continue reading Lots of virtualization-related news

New KeepVault release gets Windows 7 support

It must be Online Backup Week; the press releases from backup suppliers keep coming in. Today’s news comes from KeepVault, which announces their latest software version (3.15) is now fully compatible with Windows 7. It also adds an option to keep a local backup in addition to the online copy of your files.

KeepVault’s […]

Backup for dummies

SOS Online Backup has partnered with Wiley Publishing (known for their “dummies” books) and 4D Global Partners (marketing several other “for dummies” products) to market SOS’ Online Backup product under the label Online Backup for Dummies.

online_backup_for_dummies Continue reading Backup for dummies

Supermicro also shipping SAS 2.0 products

Supermicro, one of the largest manufacturers of “white box” servers sold by smaller server vendors, has just announced the availability of several products supporting the new SAS 2.0 standard, increasing the transfer speed from 3.0 to 6.0 Gbps. Continue reading Supermicro also shipping SAS 2.0 products

Fun hard drive destruction methods

PC Pro has posted ten fun ways to dispose of old hard drives. The top three:

3. Burning the disk with a welding torch
2. Cutting it to pieces with an angle grinder
1. Smashing it with a hammer.

But the hammer might not be the best solution: as you can see in the video below, it takes quite a bit of smashing to break it. Hard disks are hard to destroy!

Continue reading Fun hard drive destruction methods

Apacer offers new SSDs targeted at gamers

Apacer Europe has just announced three Solid State Drives targeted at gamers and others looking for high performance; the new A7 Turbo SSD A7202 is available in 64, 128 and 256GB capacities.

A7 Turbo SSD A7202

A7 Turbo SSD A7202

Their press release sums up the advantages and main specifications very nicely: Continue reading Apacer offers new SSDs targeted at gamers

3D Flash Memory coming sooner than expected?

Earlier this month, a relatively unknown company called BeSang Inc announced they have successfully developed a multi-layer stacked 3D circuit. From their press release:

This 3D IC technology includes four single-crystalline silicon layers having 200 nm to 60 nm feature size vertical device structures which are uniquely processed at low temperatures, below 400 degree Celsius. The four single-crystalline silicon layers are formed above a silicon substrate with a metal interconnection region between them.

“Our main effort is to develop multi-layer 3D ICs which provide ultra low cost solutions to the semiconductor and microelectronics industries,” said Dr. Sang-Yun Lee, CEO of BeSang. “With this 3D IC technology, a high-definition movie can be stored on a small 3D IC chip having a terabyte storage capacity for a few dollars. High-performance cell phones with multi-functional and super fast 3D IC chips using this technology will be possible in the near future. These cell phones will be able to compete with laptops.”

Tohiba 3D Flash rendering

Tohiba 3D Flash rendering

Think it sounds a bit too good to be true? It is! Continue reading 3D Flash Memory coming sooner than expected?

What’s more important: your product or your channel?

Channel Insider has a nice promo for Isilon, detailing how former NetApp channel manager Leonard Iventosch has been working on building a better sales channel for the Isilon products.

He has both been updating their channel discount model and working on partnerships with companies such as Commvault, VMware and others; especially the former has been a big hit with their partners: Continue reading What’s more important: your product or your channel?