More PCI-express flash storage: Super Talent

Within hours of posting the news about the Z-Drive from OCZ, I noticed this press release from Super Talent. They are preparing to ship a direct competitor for the OCZ product called the RAIDDrive. It is an 8-lane PCI-express card that hold four SATA Solid State Drives with a RAID controller; in that regard it is comparable to the Z-Drive. The main difference is the availability of an expander board that brings the total number of drives up to 8.

The card uses an Intel IOP348 CPU running at 1.2 GHz, backed by 512MB or 1GB of cache memory. According to their specifications, the maximum read speed is 1400 MB/s, and the read speed 1200 MB/s. Without any additional benchmarks I find these numbers hard to believe; but it’s clear that these drives will offer better performance than SATA drives because of their faster interface.

Super Talent RAIDDrive

Super Talent RAIDDrive

There are three models: the ES model is aimed at servers, including an on-board battery backup so the cache memory is saved in case of a power failure, the WS model aimed at normal users that want the highest performance by using SLC memory, and the GS model using MLC flash. All three types are available in various capacities, and are available with controllers supporting either RAID-0 or RAID-5. The only pricing info released so far is OEM pricing for the 1TB GS model, which should be around $5000.

Part numberUsable capacityUsing expanderRAID levelBattery backupFlash type
RDGS0-256G256 GBNo0NoMLC
RDGS0-512G512 GBNo0NoMLC
RDGS5-512G384 GBNo5NoMLC
RDGS5-2T1.75 TBYes5NoMLC
RDWS0-256G256 GBNo0NoSLC
RDWS0-512G512 GBNo0NoSLC
RDWS5-256G192 GBNo5NoSLC
RDWS5-512G384 GBNo5NoSLC
RDES0-256G256 GBNo0YesSLC
RDES0-512G512 GBNo0YesSLC
RDES5-256G192 GBNo5YesSLC
RDES5-512G384 GBNo5YesSLC
RDES5-1T768 GBYes5YesSLC

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