IDF: Intel shows PCI-Express SSD solution reaching 1 million IOPS

During the Intel Developer Forum, Intel hasn’t limited itself to showing off their latest chipsets and CPU’s; PCWorld France reports about a demo from Intel that was running seven PCI-Express Solid State Drives, reaching (as far as I can decipher the French) a million I/O’s per second.

Intel PCI Express flash drive prototype

Intel PCI Express flash drive prototype

The system was composed of PCI-Express cards each using eight memory controllers, driving 80 SLC memory chips per card. The total storage per card was 300 GB, bringing the total amount of storage in the system to just over 2 TB; or rather, in and near the system. Only four of the cards were actually in the system, three others were in an external case.

Intel has been working on standardizing a storage-via-PCIe interface in the person of Knut Grimsrud. Which is surprising to say the least, since Knut is also chairman of the board of directors of the Serial ATA International Organization. That might cause a conflict of interest; on the other hand, this might also lead to a “SATA Express” standard for connecting storage via PCI-Express slots. Something that is more than welcome, given the flurry of announcements about PCI-Express connected storage devices we’ve seen this week.

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