Specs for budget version of Intel X25 SSD (X-25X) leaked?

Fudzilla has found documents that give details about an upcoming Solid State Drive from Intel. The drive is supposedly called the X25-X, and would be available before the holiday shopping season starts in a 2.5 inch 40GB unit. It’s based on MLC flash, leading to a 35MB/s write speed. Read performance should be better with about 170MB/s being quoted.

Without seeing the actual document Fudzilla obtained it’s hard to be sure whether it’s real; the specs seem normal for an MLC-based drive, but I wonder about the 40GB size. On one hand it’s a bit small, but it would bring the price down to a reasonable level for consumers, and might make this a nice Christmas present.

X25-M: the non-budget SSD from Intel

X25-M: the non-budget SSD from Intel

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