IDC report shows storage software growth

IDC’s Worldwide Storage Software Tracker report for the previous quarter was just released, and it shows some mixed data. Year-on-year growth in revenue for storage software was 7.2%, but when compared to last quarter revenue decreased by 1.6%.

Storage growth is lagging behind the double-digit hardware growth in hardware; but most vendors will be happy with any revenue they can get. The only notable exception among the main players is Symantec, which saw revenue decrease by 0.5%. The press release has some more numbers.

IDC also confirms some data about hardware buying trends in a separate report on European cloud providers:

Converged infrastructure propositions (systems that combine storage, networking, and compute) are less attractive than scalable propositions, with 54% of companies surveyed saying that converged infrastructure is not attractive to them.

The same trend was reported by Gartner in their latest storage report; large customers are more interested in modular systems than single, integrated solutions.

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