Solid-State Storage Appliances Make Good Business Sense

That is the title a certain storage vendor gave a press release that arrived in my mailbox today. Regular readers might have noticed that I tend to take press releases with a grain of salt; but this one was a real gem. I won’t give the name of the company that sent it here, […]

How heavy is your data?

PC Pro received a funny question: “does a hard drive become heavier if there’s more data on it?”… […]

Fun hard drive destruction methods

PC Pro has posted ten fun ways to dispose of old hard drives. The top three:

3. Burning the disk with a welding torch
2. Cutting it to pieces with an angle grinder
1. Smashing it with a hammer.

But the hammer might not be the best solution: as you can see in the video below, it takes quite a bit of smashing to break it. Hard disks are hard to destroy!

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