Yet another “Cash for Clunkers” program

Following in the footsteps of Xiotech and Pillar Data, Overland Storage is the latest company to offer cash for old storage systems. The name for their program is “Cash For Junkers”, and they are offering up to $7000 in discounts when trading in old storage systems for Overland’s NEO E-Series tape libraries or up to $500 when purchasing Snap Server rack-mountable NAS models. […]

Pillar Data offering 2TB drive option

Pillar Data Systems joins several other companies in claiming to be the first to offer 2TB drives for their storage systems. Pillar offers the 2TB as an option for their Axiom systems which, combined with their 80% utilization guarantee, might make their systems even more interesting than before. Other companies that have announced their use of 2TB drives include Xyratex, Winchester Systems and several others.  Continue reading Pillar Data offering 2TB drive option